CMA Fest 2005 - Fun from start to finish!!

Three lovely young ladies, two are twins Crista Huber & Carrie Huber, with their Buddy Jessica Hoffman to the left ©Rachael Records

Bernadette with Mr. Vern Gosdin, (THE VOICE) His Irish friends brings him over to see me every year. ©Rachael Records

Bernadette with my best friend Maria McGown (This was right after Maria had surgery to remove her right half lung) Maria was diagnozed with a rare form of lung cancer in 2005, right now in 2006, she is hanging in there and is doing great. Fingers crossed everyone. ©Rachael Records

Here is Bernadette with her friend Peter. Peter is such a sweet man, and a great supporter of Bernadette's music. ©Rachael Records

Bernadette with the TALL SEXY Darl Worley. We asked Darl to get his photo taken with this Irish Singer, his reply was..for sure. She is gorgeous. I want my photo taken with her. (That was funny) ©Rachael Records

Here is Bernadette with her friend & Music fan Lauran Evans. YOU GO GIRL!

Here is Lauran again, thanks for helping at the booth this year Lauran.


Here is my friends The Wilkinsons, what beautiful harmonies this family creates. ©Rachael Records

Here is the sweetest young lady I have ever met at Fan Fair. Her name is Emily Kathleen Snider, "BUTTERFLY". So glad to know she is alright after all the surgeries she has went through. ©Rachael Records

Annette with Billy Gilman.
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