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How can I describe my new recorded music to you, my new friend and visitor, to my website?  

I started out in 2009 with my friend and love, Brian, to find songs for this project.  When I ended this project this year all by myself, it, and I ended up in a totally different place from where I started or meant to go.  The songs chosen in the end by myself were chosen by a completely fuller woman than who started it.

My beautiful friend Brian dropped dead in 2010 of a massive heart attack. I would be changed forever.   When someone you love dies, something in you dies as well.  My heart chose these songs. I had no choice really.   When you think about recording an album, it's not normally from a grieving perspective.  But this is where I was in my life as I gathered some of the best songwriters in music city, and beyond, to present me with songs for a broken hearted woman.

Oh I tried to sit down and write my own music, believe me I did. But each time I went to that deep place where songwriters need to go, I quickly had to leave it. The pain of grief was too deep to encounter it. I did not want to go there. I could not go there.   Instead I found other writers who had gone there. I searched for words from others that could possibly help me express my relentless pain.   The songs and their lyrics speak for themselves.

I was born in Ireland. I sing Country Music. I also sing Traditional Irish.   On this new record of mine you will hear brand new country songs, and you will hear old Traditional Irish songs that I grew up with at home in Ireland.   These are HEART SONGS.   From my HEALING HEART to yours.  I sincerely hope you enjoy my brand new record "NOT THE SAME ME".

Thanks for visiting my website!

Irish Bernadette

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See What the Pros Are Saying about Bernadette's "Getting It Right!" CD:

Renee Grant Williams, is a voice coach to some of our finest major stars, including Bernadette's friend, Keith Urban. Here is what this great vocal coach said about Bernadette's voice and music after attending one of her shows at The Bluebird Cafe:

"Bernadette's rich, full voice transports you to a land where the grass is green and the beer is warm, so if you're looking for a low-budget trip to Ireland, just pop in her new CD, "Getting it Right" and you're already there!"


Music Row Magazine

Robert K. Oermann, Music Critic & Historian says:

"Bernadette's  voice with her Record Label, Rachael Records, with John Mock and her producing together, is very, very new, and very, very moving".


Nashville Music Guide Magazine

Editor Dan Wunsh says:

"Nashville needs Bernadette and her unique voice/style/stage presence  to awaken something new In our senses, especially when she sings her songs from Ireland".


Maura O'Connell, A famous and beautiful Irish folk singer/entertainer from Ireland says:

"Bernadette is like an IRISH FEMALE ELVIS, she takes control of her audience and her stage right away".


Jan Howard, Grand Ole Opry legend says:

"Bernadette is such a great entertainer, with the heart, voice and looks to match".


Jim Ed Brown, Grand Ole Opry star says:

"I just love what she does with a song, hey I would cut a duet with her anytime."


Ricky Scaggs, Bluegrass Artist/Historian says:

"Wow, I like her voice".


Paul Brady, Irish Singer/Songwriter to the stars and a huge star himself all over the globe, says:

"Bernadette has such a musical voice and she know how to use it well".


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