Bernadette and her Irish Story/Biography

We cannot tell you every single thing Bernadette has done in her music career, it would, perhaps, be boring to you, and to her fans, so we will tell you what Bernadette feels you should know about her, and perhaps some wee highlights in her Musical adventures.

Important Stuff …. She was born and raised in Ireland and has worked as a CNT with the Elderly and mentally challenged in Nashville, California, London, and Ireland, for the last 20 years of her life. This is work that she loves dearly, as she gets to care for folks, who, sometimes in our community get forgotten. Bernadette has always stated, that it is an honor to get to care for the elderly, as they are smart, complicated, and just plain sweet . She also says she has sorta grown up with the elderly, as she started caring for them when she was just nineteen in Ireland.

Bragging rights …. This is what she has done since moving to Nashville in the Music World, it may, or may not, impress YOU! But she thinks, it may matter to some.

Up to date stuff from August 2006 … and backwards ..

OK Recently Bernadette was the opening act at Starwood Amphitheatre for Michael Mc Donald & Steely Dan.

She has performed with some of the top Country Stars in Nashville, TN USA. OK , name a few …..

Wynonna Judd, Tanya Tucker, Darl Singledary, Irish Vocalist Maura O Connell, Suzie Boggus, Jim Ed Brown.
he list will go on (BORING NOW, BUT IMPRESSIVE) moving on …

Bernadette started her own Record label In Nashville, and has released two cds. Her brand new CD titled Getting it right ! Has been bragged about by many famous faces, and Music Professionals. Bernadette also helped produce this Music. (Impressed yet?) you want more you say ?OK Lets continue …

Bernadette has been heard around the World on Radio Stations across Europe, and some Radio in the USA.
(It's costly to get played in America folks, but you can get into the little stations here and there)

She has appeared on at least 50 compilation Cds with Major Singing Stars, and Major Indie Singing Stars. (WOW)

Bernadette has recorded songs by the most talented Singer/ Song writers in Music City, and has had quite a few reach #1 with Djs, you may check the names on her music page, (If It Matters to you)

ADVICE FROM OUR ARTIST :::::: she insists you need to hear this …especially the aspiring vocalists who are new to Nashville, who are reading this …

Ok, you could probably do all this stuff as well, with music you believe in, great connections, and a terrible strong will to stand tall, be knocked down, and stand tall again. You could do this. You have to be steadfast, pig headed, and let no one take advantage of you.

There will be scams, and scam artists. There will be folks here in beautiful Nashville who will try to step on your dreams, I have been there, and came out fighting, and in my humble opinion, winning the good fight. It just made me stronger. There will be people who will love you for the artist you are, there will be others who will hate you for the artist you are, but, you must be true to you, the artist you were born to be. Your heart will lead you, my heart leads me.

If you are paying folks to produce or play your music for you, in a Studio or Band, let them know you are in charge, do not let anyone bully you, cause they will try. Music and singing is a gift God gave you and I, don’t let anyone take away that great feeling of singing. Always be kind to your audience, they are just the greatest, and they will love you, and hopefully, if they can afford it, buy your hard earned Music. And lastly, always be honest with yourself and others, and do not let anyone take away or try to change your standards or Integrity and your burning desire to perform. This is God’s Gift to you only.

There is only one YOU ! On or off stage, handle yourself with class.

My Love and Irish luck to each and every Artist with that special dream like my own.


So now you have the story on our Irish Artist, she has done many, many things with her Music here in Nashville, and she will continue to do wonderful things here, and around the World.  We sincerely hope you have enjoyed learning about Bernadette and her achievements, now go listen to her Music and say hello to her. Remember Bernadette cannot answer each and every email, but she will try hard.

CHEERS …. From Bernadette and team Irish


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